Blogs are for the self-obsessed

What sort of person has the time to write a blog? And why would anyone bother to read someone else’s self absorbed ramblings??

I am ashamed to say that this was my opinion of blogs and the people who wrote them. That was before I developed Vulvodynia; a relatively unknown health condition that changed my life overnight in some completely unexpected ways. It is a condition that the NHS and the medical profession in general know very little about.

Blogs turned out to be one of the best ways I could find help, guidance and support whilst trying to understand and come to terms with this condition. Those written by women suffering from this same, relatively unknown condition that were also experiencing the same struggle as me proved to be invaluable. It was at this point that I realised that, not only did blogs give people the ability to share their thoughts and connect with people, they are great for spreading knowledge and giving people faith when before it seemed there was little hope. Yes they can be self absorbed however they often contain some really good bits of useful information and can bring people together in a way that previously wasn’t so easy.

Therefore, I too have decided to write a blog and to jump on the bandwagon. I want to give back to those women who unknowingly aided me in the past. I’m hoping also at the same time to offer support and guidance to other people who may also suffer with vulvodynia and will spend endless hours trawling the internet for just a little bit of advice. People who just want to feel they aren’t alone and that someone else understands what they are going through without the embarrassment of having to talk face to face to someone about a rather private problem. It also gives me a chance to flex my writing skills and I’m already realising just how little I know anymore about writing!!

SO the aim (hopefully) of this blog is to describe what life is like living with Vulvodynia, explain how I ended up where I am today and describe some of the treatments I have so far tried to help ease the constant suffering. Even if just one person reads this blog and thinks “you know that sounds like what I am suffering with. I am going to go to my doctor and tell him/her that I think I have vulvodynia” then this blog will have succeeded.

I have chosen the name Tender Trips as I think it sums up how life often feels – one long, tender trip.

Note – I promise this blog is not going to be one almighty moan from me about hard my life is blah blah blah…… I won’t let my life be ruled by Vuvlodynia and so neither will I let it rule my blog. I hope to talk about other things and include the random musings of the slightly odd person that is me! However be forewarned that there will be moaning. It is what I do best afterall!

Ack! That’s the first one done. Scary…

So what sort of person has the time to write a blog? Well that would be me. And why would anyone want to read one? Well…I’ll leave that up to you.


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